"Nobody can give a writer talent, but Dara Marks can guide us through the craft of telling our stories in the most thoughtful and thought-provoking way."
Iris Rainer Dart, Author

Script Consulting Services and Rates

Dara Marks and her staff, each of whom has been personally trained in her acclaimed method of script analysis, offer four different types script consulting services.

Full In-Depth Script Analysis
  • Three-Act structural breakdown of plot and primary subplots
  • In-depth examination of transformational arc
  • Analysis of theme
  • Personal consultation for two to three hours
  • Includes an audio tape of consultation
  • Written analysis from six to eight pages (optional)
Rewrite Analysis
This option is only available for scripts that have already undergone a Full In-depth Script Analysis.
  • Page by page notes
  • Specific attention is paid to reviewing script problems from the full in-depth analysis
  • Dialogue notes
  • Commentary on form and overall readability of script
  • If script is too long, it will be marked for places to edit
  • Consultation will run between 2-3 hours
  • Includes an audio tape of session
Professional Script Coverage
This service offers script evaluation and recommendations by a staff analyst. It includes: 3 pages of written notes and/or a 1-hour personal phone consultation (with audiotaped cassette), covering:
  • Overall structure
  • Transformational arc
  • Plots and subplots
  • Characters & relationships
  • Suggested directions for rewrites
Hourly Consultation
Either Dara or a member of her staff will tailor a consulting session to meet your specific writing needs. This may be especially helpful for:
  • The early stages of story development before you begin writing the script
  • Dealing with specific story problems during the writing process
  • Sorting out creative differences between writing partners or between writer and producer
  • Solving script problems during production or in post production

FEES As above   w/ optional written notes
    Script Analysis by Dara Marks $2,000 $2,500
    Script Analysis by a Staff Analyst $850 $1,100
    Script Analysis by Dara Marks $1,500
    Script Analysis by a Staff Analyst $750
    With Dara Marks $250/hr.
    With a Staff Analyst $120/hr.

Seminars and workshops are also held in locations around the world. Please see the Seminar Page for more information.